Artificial Intelligence Driven Dental Practice solutions

Isolve dental is a cloud based, artificial intelligence driven software that performs many of the tasks associated with the front desk position at dental offices. It is designed to relieve the staff of the time consuming duties that take away their valuable time which otherwise could be used to enhance practice revenue and patient interactions.

User Friendly Technology

Technology with a human touch!! Your patients will be greeted by friendly voices and prompt responses.

A Complete Solution

When fully integrated into your practice management software, Isolve dental will free your team to better service the needs of your patients, your providers and the entire practice by utilizing voice assistant, smart watch notifications, management, and other productivity tools and systems.


Isolve Product Solutions

Phone Management

Isolve phone management software uses A.I., machine learning, Interactive Voice Response(IVR) and other technologies to professionally represent your business at all times. All callers will be able, by using their voice only, to quickly and efficiently describe the nature of their call. The IVR will then either handle the call from end to end or, after gathering all pertinent information, hand the call off to an associate.

Imagine Your Callers:
  • Never getting a busy signal
  • Interacting with an AI agent that has been customized for the way your practice operates
  • Not being placed on hold for what seems like hours
  • Having the phone answered promptly and with a pleasant sounding voice
  • Having their questions answered promptly

Self Service Kiosk

Patients will be able to walk-in to the clinic and check-in their appointment schedule using the tablet present at the front desk. Patients can also update their details and create a new customer profile using the tablet at the front desk.

Automated Insurance Verification

Isolve dental insurance verification system is a key component of our practice productivity and profitability package. Patients expect the practice to have all the details of their dental plan on file for them. Profitable and productive practices know that it is necessary to be able to accurately quote co-payments and have knowledge of covered procedures.

CRM Dashboard

Can be expanded to include multiple practice locations
Auto generate reports
IVR management
Manage payment history

Voice Assistant

As part of our future offerings to further enhance practice productivity, meet DASH, your personal voice assistant. Dash will be integrated with the PMS to the fullest extent possible and will be on a secure network.
Our engineers are busy working on this solution for front desk and clinical duties as well.

Coming Soon....

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